Blasting zombie's heads off is innately human

Blasting zombie’s heads off is innately human

Hmm, it’s been awhile. 3 weeks into the bike course and I think that I can ride better than drive a car. I wasn’t even able to do figure of 8′s on a bicycle 3 weeks ago but I can do it on a bike now, plus ride all bad ass-like now. Surely, I’ve had my share of falls, but they aren’t major nor did they hurt. The thing is that if you go too slow, you’ll fall; and if you go too fast, you might bang into something.

For the record, I still have not finished Final Fantasy 13 yet, neither have I opened my copy of Resonance of Fate, which I got 2 weeks ago. Instead, I’ve been playing a lot of WoW, like a shit load. I’ve managed to find passion in healing with my shaman and am actually gearing him up at a steady space as I write this.

I thought that I would have lots of free time during this bike course, but we’re mostly drained by the end of each day – not forgetting the extra training on this week. We’re only left with a good 3-5 hours of free time before we turn in. Trust me, learning a bike SAF style is more tiring than it seems. I’ve also been hitting the clubs more often than not. Went to Rebel with several different groups of people last week. My recce mates, Shakthi and Jory did bring fun to an all new level. Went out on a double date with Sherie, Ed and Celine that day.

We watched When In Rome (which was hilarious) and played L4D2 for a bit. Good fun while it lasted. I usually spend my other Saturdays out with the guys, namely Terry and Josh, we’ll usually hit a bar over at Holland Village or find some other night activities. Well, I guess that’s it for updates. Kinda lost my knack for blogging. It’s either that there’s nothing interesting to write, or that I’ve forgotten about it.

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