Key port error on WLM, and Hotmail unavailibility

Key port error on WLM, and Hotmail unavailibility

Woah, I almost died out of frustration here. I spent 4 hours of my day finding a solution to why MSN and Hotmail was acting up, but to no avail – until it suddenly hit me. Well, this post is meant for people who are having problems with your WLM, or if you’re ever having problems accessing your Hotmail account. Some of you might have experienced this before. Sometimes, you find yourself unable to login into MSN (and WLM), and upon clicking on that Troubleshoot button, it ticks up all the way until “Key Port”.

The initial problem started with Hotmail, where I would get either a time out or a page error whenever I tried to login. I was able to surf other site on the WWW as I normally would, save for a few sites. I tried ways and means of solving this but it got worse. Soon, I wasn’t able to enter Windows Live Messenger as well. I literally tried every solution out there, every plausible answer to my question from the search engines. Well, that includes downloading a shit load of freeware (Spyware removal and stuff) to registering .dlls to regsvr32.

In all irony, the thing that triggered it to work was by just simply offing the Windows Firewall. But the thing is that, the bloody Firewall was already off when I tried to enter the Hotmail website. With a little bit of sourcing, I managed to dig up Kelvin’s (Of fame) FirewallTweak from my hive of files. I honestly didn’t think it would work, but it sure did give me a pleasant surprise. Well, it doesn’t really make much sense assuming the Firewall was off at the time I was having problem. Maybe it was all a coincidence, that the Hotmail website and MSN started working again when I disabled that firewall.

So in essence, there are a couple of solutions you’d like to try:

1. Wait. I mean, seriously, if you can’t solve the problem, just wait it out. For all you know, the Hotmail/Windows Live servers might be acting up for your local ISP.

2. Download FirewallTweak, it helps to disable your Windows Firewall service (especially for those of you who have that option grayed out), it also works as a double-assurance, better to be safe than sorry.

3. If you’re one of those people that really can’t live a day without Messenger, just use the web messenger service, Meebo, it works like a wonder.

4. And if the above few aren’t working, head over to Jigsaw Boys. Their post has a extensive coverage on all the rest of solutions you ever need to know.

Just a couple of things I want to say before I end off. Firstly, fuck WLM and Hotmail for their crappy ass services that are always so susceptible to problems, and not to forget RP, for disallowing us to disable our bloody firewall.

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